I mentioned in my last post that I was considering moving my blog. Well, I did!!

You can find my new blog at http://www.coleybelle.blogspot.com.

Be sure to come visit, update your bookmarks, and what not!!!


Well, I think things might be working for me here at WordPress again but I am still debating moving this blog over to Blogger. I have been wanting to move to Blogger for sometime now because it is much easier to customize (well in my opinion) and changing things like the color or size of font in a post is much easier than here. But my biggest reason for not moving over to Blogger thus far has been the hassle involved in moving.

So, I’m still debating and will make a decision soon. I have posts from last week to post that I couldn’t get posted because of the server problems I was having that I will post soon too.

Anyone else out there who uses WordPress having problems lately? I can’t post photos or get to the categories or anything like that. Grrrrrr! So frustrating when you want to post but it’s not working out right.

This past week was harder to take pictures daily, not for any particular reason other than I was just tired and didn’t feel like thinking of what to take a picture of. Ha! But I stuck with it anyways so here are the latest P365!

Sunday March 1
Taken at about 7PM from my bedroom window. See the snowflakes falling! march-11

Monday March 2
Noah had a snow day today and we played in the little bit of snow there was. He had a good time!

Tuesday March 3
Happy Birthday (a day late) Dr. Seuss. Noah loves all the rhyming in Seuss books.

Wednesday March 4
One of my favorite stores

Thursday March 5
I love crafting!

Friday March 6
Playing with my camera in the mirror again.

Saturday March 7
I just love these little packages of decorative tissues. They fit great in a purse or pocket. I think this might be my new thing.

That’s it for this week!!

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“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” smiley-face

– Phyllis Diller

 Another week, another month down!

Monday, Feb 23 (day 54)
Noah in his favorite hoodie. It has a guitar on it and is very cool.
Tuesday, Feb 24 (day 55)
Noah LOVES to watch Jepoardy.feb-24

Wednesday, Feb 25 (day 56)
J and I both sick so our house looks like a pharmacy. This doesn’t even include the medicine Noah takes on a daily basis! And yes, those are pretty brown tissues at the bottom. I think it’s turned into a new thing – I love pretty tissues now. Silly, I know, but humor me.


Thursday, Feb 26 (day 57)
I watch The Today Show every single morning. Matt Lauer is yummy eye candy (even at his age!) and a great way to start off my day. I usually have coffee and check my email while watching.

Friday, Feb 27 (day 58)
Noah loves the “big boy wheelchair” at stores lately. Yes he has his own wheelchair but it is such a pain to get in and out of the SUV that we only get it out if it’s absolutely neccessary. We’re going to have to give in and get a van in the future I think because as he gets bigger the wheelchairs are gonna get bigger too.


Saturday, Feb 28 (day 59)
Noah loves to look at pictures. Here he has gotten down my framed photo of me, Aunt LaLa, and baby Nicholas. In this photo, Noah is signing “love” and then he will touch me in the picture, LaLa in the picture, and then he’ll sign Baby. He also likes to point to the picture and tell me that Aunt LaLa is wearing glasses and her arm is holding the baby. He’s way into details.


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Well, we havesnowy-night snow in the Carolina’s which doesn’t happen too terribly often. It started snowing yesterday evening around 5. That picture to the right was taken around 7 PM from my bedroom window. I love how you can actually see the snowflakes falling in the picture!

We ended up with about 4-5 inches. (I know, nothing compared to our northern friends but we live in the south so it’s big sleddingsledding1news here!) We also had some snow thunder Sunday night, which I had never even heard of. Our power flickered on and off a few times Sunday night but never went out completely, thank goodness. The television didn’t work for hours but I could live with out that for a bit – power would have been harder to live without.

So they told J not to come in to work, which I’m so glad that they did because people traveling around the same time and same route as what he would have been were stuck on the Interstate for 8 – 12 HOURS!! Holy smokes!snowball1

Of course, school was cancelled too. We took Noah out in the snow for a little bit. He of course loved sliding in his blue sled on the wheelchair er, uh, I mean sled ramp. J taught him how to make a tired-sleddersnowball and they threw a couple at me. (At my feet, don’t worry!) Playing in the snow made Noah tired quickly, he even tried to take a nap in his sled! So he came inside ate lunch and took a nap.

It’s getting slushy out there at the moment but I suspect it will melt (that’s the weather man is saying) tonight and we’ll awake to ice and another snow day.