There’s always this ongoing debate in the adoption world about the different titles for birthmothers. There’s birthmother, first mother, and life mother – just to name a few! 

But I am special and have a title like no other – it’s special and different, just like me, for I am Charlie’s “Burp Mom.”

I know you are probably thinking I just made a typo, but no you read correctly, I meant to type “burp mom.”

Charlie’s adoptive mom has explained to him that I am his birthmom and that he grew in my tummy. This has never been a secret and she’s always been really open with him about it, but he is just beginning to “get it.”

Typically, I’m just referred to as Coley but when A is talking about me with others she will say Charlie’s birthmom and he has picked that up and when he is talking to others about me he will try to say “my birthmom”.

But he says it so cute! It comes out “burp mom” instead of birthmom. A few days before his birthday, he was telling friends that he was going to his burp mom’s house for his birthday. Oh, I just love it!

In my family, lots of people have nicknames; I have aunt that has been “Aunt Fribbie” ever since I was three years old. So I just love that Charlie says birthmom, burpmom, it is like my special little nickname almost. I know it’s not a thing that will last forever. At some point in the near future, probably to soon for my heart, he will learn to properly say birthmom but until then I must relish in the cuteness of being Charlie’s Burp mom!