char-6th-bday.jpgIt’s hard to beleive that Charlie is now six years old! His family came over for our traditional birthday dinner.

It was great to be able to see Charlie and family, spend time with them and celebrate his sixth birthday in person with him. That little boy has so much energy! He talks a mile a minute too; just like I did when I was his age. I think I may even pass down the nickname my teachers gave me when I was his age; “mouth of the south!” He also loved his gifts and immediately been playing with this small racetrack with cars that I gave him. Apparently he saw it in the store and has wanted it, although I wasn’t aware of that when I bought it. I just thought he might like it – and turns out he did! He was more affectionate this time than he has been in the past, coming over and giving me lots of hugs.