noah-and-santa-2007.jpgWe recently took Noah to see Santa. I thought he was getting a tad old (11) and might not want to go see him this year, but I was wrong! He did.

Ever since he was young, we have never had to wait in line to see Santa because he has special needs. Although each year, it is becoming harder to do. Typically, we go to where you come out of visiting Santa at and I tell them he has special needs and we usually don’t wait in line. The past few years, Santa’s helpers always give me attitude about it. I usually ask to speak with the manager and end up getting my way.

This year – same thing again. They tell me they can’t do that and I ask for the manager. Problem was – the person I was talking to was the manager! She then tells me that the other parents will get angry if we go ahead of them. I say I will talk to the parents and explain it to them! My persistence paid off and after a few minutes she went and spoke with the next few people in line and then came back and gave us a thumbs up. Noah got his three minutes with Santa and we were done!