I get way into designing my Christmas cards. I plan them out way in advance and always have a cool photo of Noah or the three of us (depending on my mood and the essence I’m trying to capture) on the card. Back in Novemeber, I created a card using Shutterfly and it had three different photos; one of me, J, and Noah in the middle, and then 2 of Noah alone (one from baseball and one from his birthday) on each side. The card said “Merry Memories” on it. I was pleased with it…..

And then Noah started walking! Since I’d only bought 12 of the first card (this was my first time ordering from Shutterfly and I wanted to check the quality before I ordered over 50!) I re-did the card because I am so proud of that little guy that I want to shout it from the mountains. So I dressed him up in his cute little reindeer shirt (that I made), decorated his walker with Christmas garland, and took him outside for a little photo shoot. He walked all around my front yard as I snapped about 20 pictures in 5 minutes! LOL Scattered amongst this post are some of those photos.

My new card features three different photos of him walking. It’s awesome! There are family members who have NO CLUE that he is walking – I giggle when I think of how their faces will look when they open that card and see my miracle.




And the card………