If you know me well, you know I LOVE to craft! cherry-journal.jpgThat was a big reason in starting this personal blog, to have a place to share my crafts!

Once a month in the Open Adoption blog I post a “Crafting with Coley” post and then somehow relate that craft to the members of the adoption triad! It’s probably really a stretch, but the editors have never said anything to me about it so I keep on doing it. The really cool part is when readers actually do the crafts and then email/comment/or even share pics telling me! I’m saving the pics and at some point will hopefully be able to post them to show off the crafts my readers have made from my posts!

So anyways – this month, I made personalized journals by covering them with fabric. I wanted to create a special journal for myself to have a place to write what I am grateful for each day, since that is my New Year’s Resolution. lighthouse.jpgI started with just a boring, plain old school composition notebook. I usually make at least two samples to show in the post, so I have had this lighthouse fabric forever and my friend L loves lighthouses, so I decided to make the second one with the lighthouse fabric and I’ll be shipping it to her later in the week!

 If you’d like to know how I made these journals, click here.