Gosh, I’m exhausted and it’s been one heck of a weekend! Noah started having mini seziures off and on on Saturday after not having any for over a year. He’s been fussy, irritable, and clingy.

Called neuro and gave him extra meds and are going to take him for bloodwork on Monday morning. I’m hoping he has just grown a lot lately and needs an increase in his meds. That would be simple and easy to correct!

I haven’t slept good all weekend and am just so stressed! I had to go to church Sunday afternoon (skipped the morning service) because I was involved in a women’s tea that afternoon and was supposed to help set up and I had made the favors so I pretty much had to show up or they would have been favorless. I REALLY didn’t want to leave my baby – I’m not a new Momma, I haven’t cried when leaving Noah in YEARS but I cried and left him with my Daddy (aka the Best Grandad on the planet).

So, I go to church, do the tea thing, make small talk, and I actually did manae to relax and enjoy myself a little bit after talking to Noah and hearing that he was eating popcorn in Grandad’s lap. When we got back, Noah was on the floor playing with my Dad and toys! He looked a little bit better. Maybe he just needed a little Grandad time!

I’m still calling the doctor though!