Thanks for all the kind thoughts, calls, and emails since yesterday’s post. As of right now, this is where we stand:

We went this morning for blood work and are still waiting on the results. It was an ordeal and took forever, but Noah did really good and only whimpered when they stuck him. He didn’t cry! So afterwards, we had to stop by WalMart real quick and he got to choose a book. He chose a book about a snow-day on Sesame Street. Yes, he still LOVES Sesame Street!

Noah’s gained 8 lbs since Sept. (lil porker but he needs it!) and the drs. think that his med just probably needs to be increased so I’m hoping that it will be that simple.

I’ll update this post when I know more.

Talked to nurse a bit ago, lab was very backed up and results will NOT be in today!!!!! Grrrr!

He seems way less irritable today than Saturday, still not totally himself though, but as long as he doesn’t have anymore seziure like activity tonight, I think I will send him to school tomorrow. Don’t worry folks, it’s a special school, they have multiple nurses, and aware of Noah’s epilepsy.

Update Wed night:
Finally have the test results in. Just as I suspected, his med level was low, so we have increased it and hope that will fix things.