I belong to a group at my church called Titus 2 Tea. We are a service ministry of women only the-gift.jpgand once a month we have a tea which is a time for us all to get together and have fellowship with one another.

I really love this great group of women. They are so very supportive. When one lady is having a hard time, is sick, etc. all the other ladies are there encouraging her with cards, meals, love, and prayers.

Each  monthly tea has a theme and is decorated (low key decor, nothing too expensive and things people have hanging around their house) and is hosted by several women in a room at the church. Each month we have a little favor. Ever since word got out that I can do favors on the computer and they turn out so cute, I’ve been doing the favors frequently.

This month’s theme was “The Gift” so the head hostess asked me to make something reflecting that theme featuring the verse, John 3:16. So I came up with this magnet. I printed them on magnetic paper and then cut each one out around the box I put each one in a little baggie and tied it with curling ribbon. Everyone loved them!