Someone was complaining that I had not done a craft post in a long time, so for that someone, here is one.encoragemints.jpg

I made these for a few friends for Christmas and I have made a few lately for different things. I plan to try and keep a few on hand just in case I need a little something for someone occasionally. They are super easy to make, are super cute, and the recipient always LOVES them and thinks you are euber clever!


  • Materials Needed:
    Clean or new Mason Jar
    Peppermints (individually wrapped)
    White card stock (I used business cards to cut down on cutting and a mailing label for the front of the jar.)
    Scrapbook Tape or Sticky Squares
    Cloth and Ribbon (Optional)

What You Do:
1. Choose different inspirational or encouraging quotes to include in your jar. I will have some samples below. Type those quotes out on the card stock or use business card paper so that you just tear at the prefforated lines. They are the perfect size!
2. Make a label to put on the front of the jar. I will post mine below.
3. Affix peppermints to each card with the quotes by using a little scrapbooking sticky square.
4. Fold the cards with the mints on them as best you can and place them inside the jar. A small jar will hold about 25.
5. Decorate the jar with cloth and ribbon if you desire and then add your label and you have a really cute, meaningful, inexpensive, and simple gift!

 Label I made for the front of the jar:

A few of the cards with quotes that go on the inside. I stick the real peppermint onto the peppermint graphic that is on the card.



Edited to add: I get a lot of visitors who were googling and searching for “encourage-mints” so if you’d share more of the quotes I used, I’d be more than happy to. Feel free to leave a comment with a way to contact you or email me at coleybelle(at)gmail(dot)com.