My little man is starting to get this whole walking thing down pat! It is truly amazing people to see your eleven year old finally WALKING! I just smile and laugh and marvel at him the whole time!noah-walking3.jpg

He walks like there is a fire though – FAST! We are constantly saying “Slow down, Noah” or “It’s not a race, Noah.” I still am really nervous when he is walking, I’m afraid he’s gonna fall down or something! He doesn’t walk all the time at home- it’s difficult inside and he’s so tired from school that he doesn’t feel like it in the afternoons.

He walked this morning at Miracle League Registration. This is the first time that Noah walked in front of anyone associated with Miracle League and they made him feel like a star; all were “ooohhhing” and “awweeing” at my miracle boy!

I’m one proud Momma! I’m always proud – but gosh, it is still surreal to see that little boy walking!

PS. Look at his face – isn’t that smile HUGE! He loves it!