This story out of Florida really ticks me off! If you haven’t heard or seen the clips on TV, a quadriplegic man (paralyzed from waist down) was DUMPED out of his wheelchair by a deputy police officer when he was arrested for some sort of traffic violation.

He was not being violent, but would not comply with the officer after she repeatedly asked him to stand up out of his wheelchair. He wouldn’t comply because he COULD NOT! He wasn’t being defiant, but he couldn’t do it because of his disability. The officer didn’t believe him so she goes behind the wheelchair and DUMPS him out on the cold, hard floor. Then, she goes on to search him while he is lying there on the floor!!

All of this was caught on the police department’s surveillance video camera. As if this wasn’t bad enough, several officers were around when this occurred and none said anything to the officer, to this man, or did anything at all. In fact, one even laughed! At this point, all involved have been suspended. I say FIRE THEM!!!!

As a mother to someone in a wheelchair, a friend to an adult in a wheelchair, and someone active in the special needs community, I’m outraged! Noah’s 11 and he’s already a speed demon in his wheelchair often racing and going as fast as he can, so the thought of Noah committing a traffic violation at some point in his life isn’t a far fetched idea. If he were to be arrested and someone did this to MY SON – oh my! I’m a nice girl until you mess with my kid! Then I kick bootie, take names, make a list, and KICK BOOTIE AGAIN!