I joined Cafe Mom. I’d heard a few people talk about it before and I knew it was a pretty large place that you could network with lots of other Moms and lately I’ve really been feeling isolated from other special needs Mommas, so I thought I’d join Cafe Mom to meet some.

There’s a pretty good CP group there. I like it. It’s not too big, not too small. I also found a graphics group there which has been SO FUN! I think the graphics group has been like a de-stressing type thing for me. They have “teach and learns” where I can learn new techniques to use in my photos, contests, and more! (And the prizes in the contests the past two months have been PURSES!)  So I might be sharing some of the creations I make for that graphics group here in my blog!

Oh, and in that same group they have “VIP for a Week” where one Mom is “VIP” and she posts some photos of her kids and then the other ladies make things for her with the photos. These ladies are so talented and I had some really awesome things made for me! I’ll probably share them some here too! Here’s one of my favorites: