The other day a friend good-luck-bear.jpgsaid to me, “You are so lucky. There’s always these little miracles and milestones with Noah that happen. By the time most other people’s kids turn 11 that stops happening.”

No one has quite ever put it like that before. Ya know, we get stares out in public and we get rude, annoying comments out in public. It used to be REALLY bad. I can remember this one time on my birthday (at least I think it was my birthday, it was at Ruby Tuesday’s for sure) where this one lady was just SO rude!

I say that it used to be really bad because it has gotten better for two reasons. One, we hardly ever take Noah to sit down restaurants anymore. Sure we go to McDonalds or Noah’s favorite of Sonic, but we avoid all of us sitting in a restaurant together. It just seems to over stimulate him. It’s rather annoying at times that we can no longer go out to lunch after church with my parents or something, but it’s the way life is for now. One day it will be different. Until then, there’s always take out from my fave restaurants.

The second reason I notice less staring and comments is I think people are getting more used to Noah and special needs kids in general. Having lived in the same little community for awhile now, people in town know us and they know Noah. My child doesn’t know a stranger and he’s always flirting with ladies at Wal-Mart, the girls at Sonic, or high fiving the bag boy at Ingles.

untitled-1-4.gifBack to my friend’s comment though – ya know, she’s right, I am pretty lucky. Sure there are times that I wish I wasn’t in Holland but I’m happy being this little boy’s Mama and I can’t imagine my life without him just the way he is.

As I often say, he’s my rainbow!

(Collage made by a gal in my graphics group)