If you follow celebrity gossip, you may have heard that Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer! I feel sad for this person that I don’t even know.

It also makes me feel old! Dirty Dancing, which is probably the movie that Patrick Swayze is most know for. came out in 1987. I was in the fifth grade and LOVED the movie. I mean come on, what girl my age didn’t at that time? Hot guy, pretty girl, romance, and dancing! The hairstyle that “Baby” (Jennifer Grey’s character in the movie) became really popular at that time and I already had my hair in that sort of bob style. That summer, I lived at the neighborhood pool in cut off jean shorts – just like Baby in the movie wore. I think I sorta resembled Baby at that age too – or at least I thought I did. I do remember that coming up into conversation at the pool with the neighborhood kids a time or two.

I, like many girls, had a huge crush on the dancing heart throb. I had a few pictures of him hanging on the wall in the dormer part of my room. I had a lot of blank space in the dormer of my room so that wall became the “wall of stars” and I put up posters of pictures of cute guys from my Teen Beat (haha!) magazine which included Patrick, Kirk Cameron, Scott Baio (who’s 46 and pregnant!), the Coreys, Ricky Schroder, and I’m really sure I’m forgetting others! So it just makes me feel old to think about one of the guys I had a huge childhood crush on has cancer!