The retreat that I previously mentioned was this weekend. Although, I wasn’t feeling my best, I still had a nice time and came back feeling refreshed in my relationship with Jesus.

I thought of many of my friends (you know which ones you are) who so could have benefited from a weekend like this. But you are lucky because I wrote things down and took good notes and will share it with you!

Our retreat gods-glory.jpgwas located at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina in the beautiful mountains. It was cold and rainy Friday and Saturday. It sleeted on Saturday and we even saw snowflakes but by the time we left on Sunday afternoon, it was crystal clear, still cold but sunny, and beautiful. The staff there was so sweet and loving. The food was pretty good too, although with there being so many things I can’t eat it was tricky, but the chocolate mousse we had for desert on Friday night was divine!  

Our main jackie-kendall.jpgspeaker was Jackie Kendall. I’d never heard of Jackie Kendall before but I am now a fan. She was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and had a pretty rough life at times but she was able to survive it all because Jesus was on her side. I think the woman drinks a zillion cups of coffee a day though. (Even though I never actually saw her drink a cup! LOL) Her energy level is through the roof! At times, I needed a nap just from watching her. But her personal story and the things she taught us were amazing.

A fun me-and-mom.jpgpart of this retreat was being able to spend one on one time with my Mom. I do see my Mom frequently since we don’t live that far a part and I do talk to her every day just about, but there’s always an adorable, needy, spoiled, attention seeking 11 year old around! On Saturday afternoon during free time, Mom and I participated in a scavenger hunt as a team. We didn’t win, heck, we didn’t even finish but it was still fun!

When we came back b-encouraged-basket.jpgfrom our group meeting the first night, there was this adorable little basket (pictured on the side) wrapped in a gold satin bag waiting for us in our rooms. There was a tag on the basket saying “Bee Encouraged” with a little bee on it. The basket itself was painted gold and had a bee on it. Inside the basket were little slips of paper with handwritten verses. Each time a verse was written, the person writing it prayed for the recipient. I loved it! You can put just about anything in a basket, make it pretty with a bow and I’m gonna love it! My Mom said she wished I had been that easy to please when I was a child. (Haha Mom!)

Although it was a great experience, I was so glad to come home! Noah had some separation issues and wasn’t the best behaved little boy for J. It broke my heart to him (Noah not J!) crying for me on the phone. He was so cute and excited when I got home and was stuck to me like glue for the rest of the night!