16brooke.jpgI love American Idol and usually get into it each year. This year though I didn’t pay too much attention to it until they got down to the final top 12 contestants which was this week, so on Tuesday night I tuned in and watched the Top 12 compete for votes as they sang songs from Lennon McCartney Songbook.

I think I have a favorite: Brooke White! I already kind of liked her; she reminds me a great deal of Carrie Underwood. But, when she sat down at the piano and sang “Let it Be” I knew she was my favorite. Noah really liked her too – he likes it anytime he gets to watch someone play the piano!

Another one of the Idols sang while playing the guitar. I really like that they are letting them do things like that this year. It gives you more of an idea of what you might see from them if they “make it big.”