When a special needs child becomes of school age, he or she is tested by a psychologist in order to determine what level they learn at. When Noah was initially tested, he listening-center.jpgstarted out as “multiply disabled” which was a way to keep him from being labeled mentally disabled at just 4 years old. We (My Mom did most of the fighting in that meeting!) had to fight to get that diagnosis instead of mentally disabled.

We moved and he changed school districts by the time he was 6 so he was re-tested. He tested as “severely mentally disabled.” None of us agreed with this diagnosis, but he just wouldn’t cooperate very well with the psychologist and this school district doesn’t allow the “multiply disabled” diagnosis.

Over the years, we’ve re-done the testing and it still comes out the same. This year we re-did the testing again and just had the evaluation meeting. Noah has moved up!!! He is now considered “moderately mentally disabled.” It’s still not great but it’s better! We (his parents, Grandparents, teachers, and other people who know and love him) still don’t think that this is entirely accurate, but I’m just so happy there is some notable improvement in his testing!!

(Photo is Noah at the “Listening Center” at school, one of his favorite rewards!)