Two years ago, some of you may remember, I was sick for awhile. First of all, it took the doctors awhile to figure out what was wrong. I was throwing up and had stomach pain. They thought it was the flu. It was in February, flu season was raging, so I thought they were right.

Two weeks later, two ER visits, and two more doctor visits later, I was a good 25 lbs. lighter, dehydrated, and very sick! They determined it was my gal bladder. I had surgery. One week later, I was STILL not better and began to unergo tests. Finally, they realized I had a HUGE bleeding ulcer! I was in the hospital for a week, underwent IV treatments, and two blood transfusions and came home on light bed rest.

Fast forward to now…… My stomach had been hurting back when they thought I had the flu right before my church retreat. It’s continued to hurt and only gotten worse. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and they have determined that it’s probably the ulcer again. I’m back on strong meds and am supposed to be “taking it easy” again.

Pray that I get well quickly please!