So earlier in the month we took Noah to a doctor that comes to see kids at his school and works with the teachers and the families of children who are having problems that are related to ADD/ADHD, behavior, concentration, etc… We all decided to try Noah on a medicine for this.

I’ve always been leary of medicines like this because I didn’t want Noah to become a mediciated zombie, but the changes have been amazing!! The doctor is pretty conserative so we started out with the smallest possible dose and have increased weekly as needed.

Noah is behaving better at home. I’m noticing that he wants to do things like color more and when he does he has a longer attention span for them.

We’ve been talking with his teacher and the nurse at school a lot lately so that we can all be on the same page about his improvement and behavior and they are noticing change (positive ones!!) too. Last week for example, they had an assembly. I’ve been in the gym when they have had assemblies before and Noah would get bored (no matter how exciting it was!) quickly and begin fussing. He sat in his teacher’s lap for the entire assembly which was one hour long. That’s huge!!! Way to go Noahie!!

He also hasn’t had any fussing outbursts at school or thrown his pencil or other materials (he would throw things off his desk when he didn’t want to work) in over a week!

We are praising him lots!!


(Photo Graphic made by someone from the Cafe Mom Graphics Group)