It’s Easter Sunday. We had a pretty low key Easter, but it was nice and relaxing, just what the doctor ordered!noah-easter-text.jpg

We went down to my parents house on Saturday evening after taking a nap after all the baseball festivities. We watched part of the new Shaggy Dog movie. (I’m honestly not sure if that is the correct title, but it’s got Tim Allen in it.) Anyways, we watched that until Noah got tired and was ready for bed.

The next morning was Easter and we got up and went to church. It was more crowded than usual even though we had 5 (yes, 5!) Easter services. The music (which is always my favorite!) was wonderful.

After church, we went home and Noah saw what the Easter bunny brought him: a noahs-basket.jpgvery cool baseball shaped basket that contained a few books (2 about weather, Noah’s new “thing”), some really cool plastic Easter eggs (a school bus egg, a space shuttle egg, a fire truck egg, and a air plane egg) that all contained money, a light up duckie, a Cars T-Shirt, a Clemson t-shirt, a Winnie the Pooh Fuzzie poster with markers, easter-books.jpga container of bubbles, some tattoos, and more! No, no candy – Noah doesn’t really like sweet stuff and the Easter bunny knows this!

After lunch, my Mom and I dyed eggs. Noah doesn’t really get into Easter too much or like dyeing the eggs. Last year, coley-egg.jpgMom and I didn’t dye any and we talked about how it didn’t even feel like Easter so even though we are 2 grown adults, we decided to dye eggs! I made a pretty tealish one with my name on it; don’t ya love it?!?

I hope each of you had a relaxing and peaceful Easter!!