Each May, BirthMom Buds hosts a big event for birthmothers. This year will be our 4th year. They seem to be getting bigger and better as we go along. flip-flops1.jpg

Each year has a theme and this year’s theme is Birthmother’s Beach Bash! Just thinking of how we will decorate is FUN! Sand buckets and flip flops and shells and did I mention flip flops? Not real ones but flip flop candle holders! I LOVE flip flop decorations, picture frames, etc…

We make each lady a gift bag. Thinking of things to go in the gift bags has been challenging thus far! Especially when they need toย  either be cheap items or donated items. Everyone always says, “Go to the dollar store.” And that’s a great idea until you have to buy 25-30!

I know it will all come together in time though. It always does. We have about a month left to prepare as the big day is May 10th! If you have any great ideas for beach decor or items for the goodie bags, leave me a comment.