For my niece Holly!! She is getting married on Saturday, April 12th and this will be a busy week as we do last minutes preparations for the wedding as well as a lingerie shower, bachelorette party, and the wedding rehearsal! I’ve been helping her ever since he popped the question and they sat a date, prepare for this wedding.

You probably remember reading about Holly not too long ago, as I did her engagement photos and proudly posted them here for all to see.

I must tell ya, as the big day for Holly and Michael draws closer, I’m feeling a little sad! Oh, I’m so happy for her too, but I guess it just makes me feel old(er.)

When J and I met, Holly was still in high school. She was a mix of someone wise beyond her age and that immature highschool teenager. She’s admitted that she was a little unsure of me at first because she was pretty close to her Uncle J and she didn’t get along with the girlfriend prior to my entering the picture.

But, Holly and I hit it off and not long after, we became close. She would ask for my advice and share secrets with me. I’d try to share the knowledge of what I’d learned about life and love so she didn’t make those same mistakes. We’d go shopping and hang out on the weekends. She adored Noah too and was always helpful with him when I asked for it/needed it. She even called me Aunt Coley before I was officially her aunt!

I’ll never forget the night before my own wedding. Holly was a bridesmaid in our wedding and when she hugged me goodbye at the rehearsal dinner telling me she’d see me the next day, she said, “Tomorrow will officially make you my Aunt!”

I’ve seen Holly through good relationships and bad, wise decisions, and mistakes; the things we all do as we are young and learning about life. And here she is now; a young women with a big heart about to become a wife!

She has finally found a good one, just as I did and I’m happy for her! I’m also very proud to be her Aunt.