My neice Holly is all married and is now Mrs. F! Congratulations to Holly and Michael!

The wedding was beautiful. Unfortunately I ended up not getting to see the actual ceremony because I had other wedding planner duties like decorating the area where the reception was at. I had previously suggested that I should get there earlier and start getting that set up as Holly and I had discussed things so many times regarding the reception so I knew her vision pretty well, but we opted not to do that.

After getting there though, I quickly decided it might be best if I skipped the ceremony part in order to help get the reception area set up and decorated as there was a lot to get done in a short amount of time. I was a little disappointed but I guess that is a wedding planner’s job, huh! I went to the ceremony site, did what I needed to do there, getting everyone lined up and stuff, then I headed back to the reception area and got things ready for the guests.

I think it all went pretty well and Holly and Michael both seemed really happy. I do have some pics to share for those of you who have been messaging wondering where they are!! However, keep in mind, that these aren’t the best pics. I was wearing the wedding planner hat at the wedding not the photographer one!

Holly and Michael - Just Married
Holly and Michael – Just Married

First Dance as Husband and Wife

Another picture of the first dance

Cutting the Cake

Close up of the Cake Topper

My hubby cooked food for the guests at the reception.

Last but not least – me and Holly. Everyone who has seen this picture comments how tired I look – it was the end of the wedding people, would you not be tired too?!?