His Love Knocked me out of the ball park!Five years ago, today at 6:30 PM, J and I stood in front of our family, friends, and 1,200 spectators and declared our everlasting love for one another as we became husband and wife.

Yes, you read that correctly – 1,200 spectators. If you don’t know by now, J and I had a crazy wedding! I can’t do ANYTHING the normal way, ya know, so instead of a normal, boring, traditional wedding, we had a big shin dig on a baseball field, getting married right before the Greenville Braves (minor leauge baseball team) game.

Coley and JNow, when I tell people that, I think they picture me on home plate in jeans and a t-shirt. Nope, not for this girl! I still had the big white (off white in my case – looked much better with my skin tones) dress.Enough with the kissing! My girls wore dresses and the guys had cute little ties with baseballs printed on them.

It was actually very cool and I still think we are immensely blessed to have had the wedding day we did. When we started talking about getting married, we knew a big church wedding wasn’t for us. Too Our names in lights!stuffy. Our first date has been to a baseball game at this same park, so jokingly I said, “Let’s get married at the ball park.” We emailed the baseball park officials to see if this was even possible, thinking of a small quiet ceremony on a day the team had an away game.

They asked us to come in and meet with them, so we did. They decided that our wedding would be a great promotion so in turn for letting them use our names and what not in advertising and promo stuff, we got things provided by sponsors of the event in the tune of about 20,000 dollars! Dress, limo, cake, tux, reception, DJ, etc…. all payed for by sponsors. Did I mention we were blessed?

It was a day I will probably never forget. I never knew just how magical a wedding day could be! We went with the baseball The Wedding Partytheme and used the team’s colors of red, white, and blue as our own colors so our bmaids were decked out in red dresses, while our guys sported white dress shirts, blue pants, and ties with baseballs printed on them. Our names flashed from the scoreboard. My “aisle” was 22 steps down Walking through the Bats with Dadthrough the bleachers to the field. When I got to the field, baseball players lined up and made a military style arch with their bats, which my Daddy and I walked through. Our cake was amazing with a baseball as the cake topper. We even got throw out the first pitch of the night!Isn\'t that the coolest cake you have ever seen!?!

So, today, as I celebrate being married for five years to my soul mate, I also reflect on how blessed we were not only on our wedding day, but today as well. We have a good life full of friends and family who love us dearly.

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