My friend Leigh over at Liable to Change tagged me, so as per being tagged, I am supposed to write 6 random things about myself. I’m trying to come up with random things you might not already know about me, but that’s hard but here’s my attempt!

1. My parents are still married to one another. In today’s society, that kind of makes me a minority. Most of the people that are my age, their parents are divorced. I know of a few other people my age who’s parents are still married.

2. Speaking of family, I only have one sibling – a brother named Andy. He lives a few hours away and gets to travel a lot for work. Noah’s middle name is after my brother and they are great buddies. Noah really looks up to his Uncle and Andy is sweet and brings Noah things whenever he goes somewhere neat. I think Noah’s favorite thing was the pictures of the baby rhinos Andy emailed him from San Diego.

3. I love any type of reality television. I’m not crazy about Survivor, but love Big Brother, The Apprentice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, etc… (And even a few that I am embarrassed to admit that I watch!)

4. And I also love Food Network! I guess that is actually a form of reality TV too though, eh? I LOVE Paula Dean although her food isn’t the healthiest, she is a hoot to watch. I really like Rachel Ray too but most of her food is to spicey for me or too weird for J! The person who’s food I cook the most though is Sandra Lee from Semi Homemade. I love that it looks so pretty but really takes no time at all!

5. I was born and lived in Mississippi until I was 11. My Dad got a new job and we moved to the Carolinas not long after my 11th birthday.

6. I love to read. My Mom taught me to read when I was younger so when I was in the first grade, I skipped up a reading level. When I was younger, I could speed read. My Mom used to buy us books to read on the car ride to or from Mississippi and she’d have to put them up from me so I didn’t read them. The Babysitters Club were my favorite as a middle schooler! Nowadays though, I love to read books like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series as they are little short stories and since I don’t have huge blocks of time to read like I used to, I can read a short story and then put the book down and pick it up again when I have more time to read later on.

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