the tableI had so much fun planning the decorations for this year’s event that I could write a whole post about the decor alone! I seriously could do beach bash each year and be happy!

On each table in the middle, I layed down blue tulle on a kind of frumpy way so that it sort of resemble water/waves. We then put sand on top of the tulle with a bright colored Closeup of Centerpiecesbeach pail in the middle. Each beach pail was filled with sand and then topped with seashells and a shovel. Around the beach pail on the table we scattered sea shells. Then there was 2 flip flop shaped tea light holders and 2 mini beach balls on each table also on the blue tulle. It was super cute!close up of place mats Leigh made
When I was planning the centerpieces, I was talking to my super creative friend, Leigh, and mentioned that I would love some paper placemats to put at each place setting. I had looked for these online but they had to be ordered in huge bulk orders – like at least 1,000! So Leigh came up with the idea of making placemats out of scrapbooking paper. Beach to GoShe found some cute beach/summer themed paper and went to work. So, at each place setting, sat a placemat and a “beach to go” bucket. (“Beach to go bucket” was a 2 inch white bucket that contained sand and about 3-4 seashells wrapped in different bright colors of tulle with a tag attached that said “The Beach to Go.” Each lady took these home as just another thing to remember the day by!)

On Ocean Viewthe front walls, was a “window scene” of dolphins and the ocean. It was cute and helped set the mood. It was also great for taking photos in front of!

I’ve scattered pics through out the post – what do you think? Super cute, eh? Hmmmmm, time to start thinking of next year’s theme and brainstorming for that!

More recap coming soon!