My family is on the road again. We will eventually end up in Mississippi. My Dad’s youngest brother is finally getting married and my brother and I are in his wedding on Saturday. We (J and my parents and I) decided to all drive down together but make a few stops along the way, so we are currently in Tennessee and will be going to Dollywood tomorrow.

I’m excited about going back to Mississippi. I grew up there and haven’t been back to the town I grew up in ages. J has never been to Mississippi so this is a neat trip – I will get to show him where I grew up and some of the places I talk about often.

I’m also excited about seeing my family of course! I don’t get to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins very often.

The ride to TN seemed to take way longer than usual. We had issues with the new wheelchair ramp we bought for the truck. But something cool did happen on the way here and I will share that later so stay tuned!