So, in my last post I teased you with the promise of telling you about the cool thing that happened on our way to Pigeon Forge….

We weren’t too far away but had to make a stop. I went inside the gas station to pay. I was wearing my brand new BirthMom Buds t-shirt. (It is so comfy!) The cashier asked me what my shirt said. I said “BirthMom Buds.” She then asked what BirthMom Buds is so I briefly explained. She then told me about her best friend who is pregnant, making an adoption plan, looking for support, and getting pretty close to her due date. I ran back out to my car and got a BirthMom Buds pen which has all our information for her. (Note to self: Put more business cards in your lap top bag!) So, the cashier went on to tell me about how her friend is having a hard time explaining the adoption plan to her five your old. I just so happen to have one donated copy of Sam’s Sister (an awesome children’s book that explains adoption from the view point of a child who’s mother is placing her unborn baby for adoption) left. So the cashier gave the pen to her friend and I checked the toll free number a bit ago and she has already called!

The ride to TN and being here hasn’t been too fun. My Dad had major car troubles and then we were not able to go to Dollywood because of off and on rain. J and I were discussing if we had should have even come to TN but then we decided that yes, we were supposed to come here so that I could have met the cashier who’s friend needed support. God does put us in the right places at the right time.