We have finally arrived in Mississippi and what a journey it has been getting us here! The first leg of the trip was not fun. My Dad’s SUV is bigger than ours so we ended up taking his truck only to have it breakdown as soon as we got to Pigeon Forge. Luckily we found a shop that could quickly fix it and give us a rental. However, it was raining in Pigeon Forge so Dollywood was out so we went to a few stores, had dinner, etc. Nothing really exciting or fun.


We hit the road early this morning thinking that we were only 6 hours away from our destination only to find out that we were 8!! Ugh! Noah so does NOT like long car rides and fussed a lot. He was tired and really needed a nap but he just couldn’t seem to get in a comfortable enough position to sleep.
I had hoped we would get here early enough that we could do a little sight seeing. There isn’t anything spectacular around here to see, but things that are memorable to me, a part of my childhood memories that have shaped me into the woman I am today but we didn’t arrive early enough to do that.

We did meet my Dad’s sister, her hubby, and her two children (my Aunt, Uncle, and 2 cousins) for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that we used to frequent when we lived here. It is called Cock of the Walk (strange name, I know!) and has the best catfish this side of the Mississippi!

Hopefully we will have time for a little sight seeing tomorrow before we head to the town my Dad was raised in and also where the wedding will be.