After what feels like a gazillion hours in a car, we are finally home!! What a long exhausting trip. I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! Driving long distances (10 plus hours) with Noah is NOT fun! In fact, it’s only something I think I could handle every few years. He doesn’t do very well on long car rides and it is just so hard on him!

I had a TON of voice mails when I got back as well! I have to catch up on all those too! Why is there so much work to do when you come home from a trip? Noah’s end of the season Miracle League party is Thursday. After that, I don’t think I have any commiments for a few days. Yay!

Ok, enough of my whining. Bruce and AmyThe good thing about this trip was I got to be there to see my Uncle get married! He is my Dad’s youngest brother and he got married at an older age than most people – in his early 40’s. In fact, many said he waited so long why even bother to get married at this point! But, me I’m glad he found someone that he loves and he wants to wake up each day with and lie down with each night. We all deserve to find that in life, no matter our age.

The wedding was on Saturday, May 17th. It was out in the middle of no where at a deer camp that my Uncle’s friend owns in what my Uncle refers to as “God’s country.”  This wasn’t his (now) wife’s first marriage and my Uncle really isn’t one for a big show so this wedding was pretty simple and low key style wise.

It really was like a big ole’ family reunion because I saw second and third cousins and great uncles and aunts that I hadn’t seen in ages. In fact one person was standing right next to me talking to my parents The Lambert Clanand asked where I was and when my Dad said “she’s right here” they were like “Wow, she grew up.” Yep, I did. I’m not the little girl some of them remember!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing and spending a little bit of time with my extended family who lives here in Mississippi. Growing up here, I have fond memories of spending the night at my Aunt’s house or swimming in the pool at my Grandparents with my cousins. Now that we are all pretty much grown up (only one cousin is still in high school) and we are all spread a part, we don’t get to see each other as much. My brother was also able to make it and we (specially Noah!) always love seeing him. (The photo is of us, my Dad’s siblings, husbands, and children minus J and Noah. It was difficult to get Noah’s wheelchair down to where the wedding ceremony was and we didn’t think he’d be quiet for it anyways, so we didn’t attempt it.)

Noah took up with one of my cousins, Shelby. I’m not sure why, he just decided that he liked her and wanted her to push him around and sit beside her. She is majoring in special education in college – I think it’s a sign that she has chosen the right path.

Noah and puppySo, it was nice seeing my family, but boy am I glad to be home. Noah is too I think!

In closing, I’ll show you my favorite picture of Noah on the whole trip. He’s petting a puppy at the wedding and looks so sweet.