Charlie's Kindergarten GradMy birthson, Charlie, graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday. I was invited and it was a cute kindergarten graduation.  When he saw me, his Mom, his Dad, and his sister in the audience, he started waving wildly.

There are so many little things I see in Charlie that are things I did as a child.  For example, when the children were on stage and done singing, Charlie bowed. He was the only child (out of about 40-50) who bowed. When I told my Mom, she laughed and said it sounded like something I Charlie's candy bouquetwould have done at that age. Charlie also got the award for “music student of the year!” I am one proud birthmomma. 🙂

I wanted to get Charlie a little something for this occasion but was at a loss as to what to get him. I finally decided to try making him a candy bouquet. I had never made one of these before but thought how hard could it be, so I set to work and it turned out so cute. It was really fun to make and I really want to make more now! The best part is though – he Charlie and his candy bouquetloved it! When he said the blessing at lunch (we went to lunch afterwards) he thanked God for me and for the “great gift Coley gave me!” So special!

He cracks me up because he talks so much. In fact, I have nick named him “Mouth of the South jr.” because in Kindergarten my teacher nicknamed ME “Mouth of the South.” When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he lists a bunch of things – in fact, it was 11. I can’t remember all of them but a few of them (and this is the way he worded them) were “dinosaur digger, doctor, scientist, teacher, house seller, and car keeper.” I told him he was going to be in school forever to do all those things – he didn’t like that thought! ha!