My poor personal blog has been neglected lately and it is all due to this cute yet needy little boy named Noah! School’s been out for two weeks now and boy is he keeping me hopping! I barely have time/energy to write for work (aka my paying jobs) much less write here for fun!

Every other break from school, past summers, etc. Noah has been excellent at entertaining himself for periods of time. Over Christmas break, he would go into his room and sit for an hour just reading books and playing with toys. I felt like I wasn’t paying enough attention to him but if I went in there and tried to play with him or read to him, he’d push me out the door!

I was expecting some of that this summer. I figured that we’d do things together and then he’d want to have some time to himself and that would be when I could write. Boy was I wrong! He wants me there right next to him constantly – even if it is just to watch a movie! He no longer wants to be by himself!! Then by the end of the day, I’m tired and just want to veg out and don’t feel like writing!

My Mom is probably giggling reading this. I was one of those kids who could not play by myself. I either wanted to have a friend over or I wanted my Mom to play with me. And now Noah is doing the same thing!

Thankfully, summer camp starts next week!! Noah goes to a day camp through the school district and it’s half days Monday – Thursday for a month and the best part – he gets all his therapy there! So, I’ll have time to catch up on my writing for both work and fun!