I created my own word art for the layout I shared in the previous post since I couldn’t find any existing word art that fit. I thought I’d share it as a “freebie” with anyone who’d like to use it. If you download it, leave me some love. If you use it, I want to see it! (Please!)

Click here to download this word art.

Note: This is the first time I have uploaded and used 4shared so if you have any problems downloading this file, let me know. I might have done something wrong, but hopefully not! If it works without problems, I created another word art for a different layout that I would be willing to share. 🙂

Edited to Add: Since creating this inital word art I have created a design blog where I periodically offer free word art and other digital scrapbooking things. You can check it out at Coley’s Creations.