I recently (as in last week) was diagnosed with an eye condition called keratoconus (sometimes referred to as “KC”) Here’s a small blurb about KC.  

KC is a degenerative disease of the eye in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and curve causing a substantial loss and distortion of vision. It usually reaches its severe state in the patients late twenties, early thirties.

My vision had been getting worse and I honestly thought I just needed new glasses and had been waiting for it to have been a year since I got my last pair as my insurance only pays for one pair of glasses a year. So, I went to the eye doctor thinking I needed new glasses. She realized that glasses were not going to help me and sent me to a specialist for more testing and that specialist diagnosed me with KC. I have KC in both eyes but my left eye is in the advanced stages and I may have to have a cornea transplant in that eye.

At this point, I’m cleaning and sterilizing my eyes with drops every 2-3 hours and then I go back to the doctor and we will talk about what to do next.

My vision in my left eye seems worse the past few days. I don’t know if it actually is worse or if I’m just more aware of it now that I know something is actually wrong. I can’t be on the computer for long periods of time at the moment and when I can tolerate it right now, I have to use my time wisely and do the things I get paid for first and then do the fun things, like write in this blog!

So, this blog may have to take a backseat for a bit. I do have several posts almost finished that I was working on before all of this so maybe I will finish those soon. I just wanted to let all of you know what’s up in case you were wondering why I wasn’t writing here as much as usual….

I’d appreciate your prayers as dealing with this whole eye thing is scary!