This past weekend we (me, Noah, J, and my parents) took a little weekend trip to the Charleston area – Summerville to be exact to visit my little (ok, he’s taller than me, younger is a better word now I think!) brother for his birthday.

We drove up Friday afternoon and then met up with Andy and his friends Jon and Erin on Saturday morning. Jon and Erin were kind enough to take us out on their boat on Saturday on the Cooper River. Noah LOVED boating! I wasn’t too sure about boating as last time we went boating I got pretty sea sick but this time I thought ahead and got some motion sickness pills and they did the trick and I was able to enjoy myself almost as much as Noah did! Erin let Noah sit in her lap and drive the boat some. He loved this of course. He thinks that boats have two speeds. Fast and Stop. He’d put his hand on the trottle and just stop the boat in the middle of the river and then two seconds later – ZOOM! Hand back on the throttle and we go barreling full speed ahead.

Noah did great boating but got tired after awhile. He ended up laying down on the floor of the boat even though he had plenty of laps to sit in or people to snuggle with. We did get a little quality snuggle time in but he preferred lying on the the floor of the boat – I think he liked the sound of the motor too. After boating, we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up and so he could take a nap.

After napping we went over to Jon and Erin’s house for a little birthday party for Andy. Andy grilled out some chicken and veggie skewers. It was very yummy! Noah found Andy’s guitar and demanded (I mean requested) that Andy play for him. Noah then fell in love with the Grover sticker on Andy’s guitar. I have a little feeling that Noah’s going to want to decorate his guitar with stickers like Uncle Andy’s.

Sunday morning (Andy’s actual birthday) we had breakfast with the birthday boy early before heading back to our neck of the woods.

Let me just say this for the record: Noah was AWESOME on the way up to Summerville. He wasn’t too terribly bad on the way home but not near as good as he was on the way there. On the way there, he watched videos on his portable DVD player with the headphones on! However, Saturday evening, the DVD player decided to stop working and he had to borrow my Dad’s on the way home which wasn’t making him happy for some reason. I think he may have just been ready to come home!

A few more pics:

My new favorite pic of the 3 of us

And I love this photo of my parents. They are so cute!