Noah starts school on August 19th, just 7 days away! And yes, we are counting them down!Noah loves school. He thrives on routine and going to school is just part of his normal routine so when there isn’t school he gets a little thrown off. He’s actually done well this summer but he is getting restless. He’s ready to go back NOW! 

Each year, he gets a new backpack for school. I really don’t have to buy him a lot of school supplies like other parents do for their kids, so the backpack is thing each year. He always picks it out and in the past we’ve had Super Man, Spiderman, etc.. This year, he decided he wanted an orange or Clemson back pack. (Side note – orange is his new favorite color. Everything (including his Slushy from Sonic!) must be orange!) I knew we were not going to find a Clemson one easily in a store so we shopped online and found a purple one with orange tiger paws that he finally settled on. It arrived in the mail on Saturday and it’s quite cute and he really likes it! In fact, when he woke up Sunday morning, he had gotten it off the shelf at the foot of the bed and had it sitting in the bed with him!

Silly, silly boy.