As you can probably tell by the picture, Noah desperately needed a hair cut. We had been putting it off as long as possible because getting his hair cut is such a huge ordeal! But with school starting next week, he could wait no longer. (He looks so unhappy in that picture because he knows where he is going!) 

Noah HATES getting his hair cut and will fuss and even cry. He just hates having his head messed with. I blame it on all the EEGs he had to have while he was a baby/toddler. 

We are lucky, the lady who cuts his hair, Ms. Julie, is a very patient and kind lady. She volunteers with an orginization that works with special needs children a lot so she is really good with Noah.

This time though, Noah did MUCH better. He only shed a few tears and then was excited because he got to see in Ms. Julie’s chair and eat crackers while Daddy got his hair cut. As, you can tell by the after picture, he looks much happier!