Recently a blogger and adoptive Mom named Mrs. R featured this blog and BirthMom Buds on her blog which is called The R House. I noticed that I have gotten quite a few visitors from her blog since her post went live so if you found me via Mrs. R’s blog – welcome!

Somehow when I was blog jumping one day, I stumbled upon Mrs. R’s blog. She writes about adoption a lot! I noticed that she had a “for birthmothers” area in her blog roll but it did not mention BirthMom Buds. So I emailed her and asked her if she could post a link to BBuds in that section. She went a step further and said she wanted to devote a whole post to BBuds and asked me to send her some information about BBuds.

So if you have come here via Mrs. R’s blog then chances are you might have a personal connection to adoption. Perhaps you are looking for posts about adoption. In all honesty, I don’t write about it that much here! Why you may be asking – because I write about it here and here. I do however have a few posts related to adoption and you can find them here.