I am frustrated! I’m frustrated with the insurance company because they have denied to pay for the needed treatment for my eyes. Yes, they are paying for the medicines and eye drops but I need hard contact lens to pushed against my curved corneas – glasses won’t work. I understand why they won’t work but it’s too hard for me to try and explain here. Finally, after many calls, the insurance company will pay 250 of it if I switch to an “in network” doctor. We weren’t aware that my current doctor was out of network.

I’m also frustrated with my eyes. My left eye continues to worsen. Everything looks blurry in that eye too much! The mornings are the worse and then finally things will go into a clearer focus.

I’m frustrated because I’m not a very patient person and I want things better NOW not tomorrow, not next week, right NOW! I’m trying to be patient and do the best I can until then. I have a consultation with another doctor this upcoming week.

I mentioned validation in my title. The validation came in when I talked to my Uncle this week. My Mom mentioned to me this week that my Uncle was blind in one eye. I’m sure I had been told this before but I didn’t remember it. So I gave my Uncle a call. Talking to him was very validating because some of the things I’m experiencing and feel weird or self conscious about, he has already experienced and made me feel less alone and less crazy!