Things have been so hectic I haven’t had much time to update. I have lots of pictures to show and hopefully will be able to do that in the upcoming days. But first, an update on my eyes.

I went to a new doctor last week; partially for a second opinion and partially because he is “in network” per my insurance. I had been praying for the right doctor, someone I felt comfortable with and knew about KC. I didn’t know this doctor’s name until he introduced himself – his name is Dr. Anderson which is Noah’s middle name and my brother’s first name. It may be a small coincidence to some but after talking to the doctor and feeling comfortable with him, I feel like that was my sign. He called me after my appointment to go over some things with me and when I didn’t answer, he left his cell phone number. I have never had a doctor leave me his cell number before!

He re-affirmed what the other doctor said that my left eye is very damaged. Also, because of my misshapen cornea (that’s part of KC) my eye lid is scratching the cornea causing corneal erosion. So we are going to try a soft contact lens (not for vision purposes, but for healing purposes) to create a buffer between my cornea and eye lid and see if my eye can handle it. If not, then it’s off to a corneal specialist for me.

On the phone, he shared that he’d already spoken with the corneal specialist he would refer me to so I asked his name and googled him. In the photo on his website, he was wearing a Clemson hat. Most of the men in my immediate family are die hard Clemson fans so that was sign number two that I might finally be on the right path. I sure hope so. I just want to see again!