So I got contacts yesterday as scheduled. These are not so much for visionary purposes as they are to be a buffer between my cornea and eye lid. The left eye is my bad eye and it took FOREVER to get the left contact in. The lady helping me was SO patient and helpful and taught me how to do it all step by step. Finally, we got the left in and then the right was easy compared to the left.

The left hurt. It felt tight and irritated. My dr. looked at it and admitted that he was surprised we even got it in there. We took it out and tried a different fit but same problem. He said I should take it slow and that if the left was going to work, it was ok, we’d do what we could with the right. I left with the left contact in but ended up taking it back out on the way home because it made me feel so ill.

I wore the right one for a few hours as instructed then took it out with no problems. I was going to attempt to wear them both to Noah’s baseball game to show my parents (not that you can see them but hey, I’m proud – this is the girl who NEVER ever wanted contacts because touching your eyes is icky icky ICKY!) but I couldn’t get the left in at all and then only had a minute to try and get the right in. I got frustrated and just put them back in the pretty pink and green case I treated myself too for even agreeing to attempt this because ew, touching your eye, is ewwww!

I go back to the doctor on Thursday so we’ll see what step is next.