Well, it’s October and I’ve changed the look of the blog a little bit just for October in honor of breast  cancer awareness month and also in conjunction with Pink for October.  I used a really awesome breast cancer awrareness digital scrapbooking kit called Fight for the Cure made by Shabby Pumpkin to make the header.

If you are changing your blog or website to pink for the month of October, head on over to the Pink for October website. There is a big blog list, buttons, graphics, contests, and more on that website.

A few breast cancer awareness things on the net:

  • Susan G. Komen Foundation – This is the biggest foundation for breast cancer awareness and breast cancer research in the US. They had the Founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation on Oprah yesterday. She is Susan’s sister. It was cool to see the woman behind the foundation, hear why she started it, and how much money they have raised over the years.
  • Self Exam Information and Tools – According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation aside from skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women. But early detection is key which is why self exams are SO important. Visit this page on the Susan G. Komen website for more information including a step by step guide on how to do a self breast exam.
  • My Fave Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts – There’s tons of breast cancer t-shirts out there but these “Take a Swing at Breast Cancer” shirts are my favorite. So cute!I
  • All Things Pink Ribbon – Looking for something with a pink ribbon? Look around no more. The Pink Ribbon Shop has more things sporting a pink ribbon than you could imagine!