I have been meaning to write about Charlie’s birthday party for awhile now but just haven’t had the time/energy.

Charlie and his family came over on the Wednesday following his birthday party for our little mini party that we have each year. I thought it would be fun to make our own little pizzas so we had the small individual size pizzas and I had all the toppings ready when they got here and everyone made their own little pizza. It was fun and different.

For his birthday, I made him a Clemson memory board. I also made one for Noah and they turned out super cute. I will post pictures of them soon. I also gave him a few books. He can read the level two reader books so I got a few of those. And Noah picked him out a little garage (or something like that) that came with a few cars that is from the movie Cars. It seems like I gave him one other thing but I can’t remember what!

He’s so funny and he talks non stop! He is very opinated and will tell you exactly what he thinks of both presidental candiates! He asked me if I knew who Thomas Kincade was and I asked if he meant the artist and he says yes. I was surprised – that’s not the type of thing I expect a 7 year old to know!

So, here’s a few more pictures…….

I love this one! It really shows his funny personality. I wanted to get a photo of him in those sunglasses to put in a double frame next to a photo of Noah in those glasses.

We stole this pose from my friend Leah! I hope she doesn’t mind but she always has cute poses like this of her (birth) daughter, herself, and her daughter’s adoptive Mom.

I was in a black and white mood when I was editing these photos. Can you tell? 😉