yummyI hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving. We did! We had lots of yummy stuff to eat. My brother was turkey-and-pumpkinhome. We were at my parents. Noah had excellent behavior. It was a pretty good day. For me to say that is saying a lot because I’m not a big Thanksgiving person. Side note: The centerpiece in the photo to the left is the pumpkin Noah picked out at the Pumpkin Patch that my Mom filled with flowers and he made the cute lil’ turkey at school.

Did you go shopping on Black Friday?? I love Black Friday – it’s like the Super Bowl of Shopping. Typically, I map out where I want to go, what I want to buy, etc. but sadly, J and I decided it would be better if we didn’t go this year. It’s always soooo crazy and I just don’t think I could handle it with my eyes. My depth perception is messed up and that wouldn’t have been good around so many people who were trying to run to the good deals. Oh well!

You’ve probably noticed the new header… I have a rule that you can’t decorate/wear Christmas things until the day after Thanksgiving. Although I did give in and break this rule by letting Noah wear his Christmas socks last week! But, since it’s after Thanksgiving I decided to go ahead and decorate the blog for the holidays. I used a great digi kit called Flirty Snowflake by Kathy Winter’s Designs. It’s a little more winter-ish than Christmas-y but it works for me.

Now that the blog is decorated for the holidays, I gotta get to work on the tree and the house!