I’ve been meaning to post about this and keep forgetting but back before Thanksgiving my niece Holly and I had a table in a craft show at a local middle school. It was fun and we made a little extra Christmas cash which is always nice.

We have a table at an upcoming craft show at my church next weekend, which should be fun as well. Below are picutres of some of the things I have been working on and some of the things that we sold at the craft show.

That is a post it note holder that sits on your desk and holds your post it notes in a prettiful way. 🙂
Another post it note holder – one perfect for a teacher’s desk.

snow-bars snow-bar-close-up
Ok, those are what I call snowbars. Are they not the cutest little things ever?? Underneath their coverings is a Hershey’s chocolate bar. I just love those things and giggle everytime I look at them.

snowy-bowl  wrapped-snowy-bowl
And that’s a little “snowy bowl” filled with peppermints.

snowman-soup soups
And those are snowman soup and winter soups. So cute!

I also had some round pendants and Holly had some scrabble tile pendants. And we had a bunch of survival kits but I don’t have pics of those.