This weekend, well on Sunday to be exact, J and I are going to travel a few hours away and spend the night at my BFF’s house as I have an appointment at Emory Medical University first thing Monday morning. This appointment is to meet with a corneal specialist there to discuss the vision loss in my left eye and see what the next step should be. I’m so ready to get answers and know exactly what should happen next as it seems like this has been taking forever to treat but I’m also nervous and anxious. I know I shouldn’t be nervous and anxious but going to doctors is never a fun thing!

I’ll be leaving Noah here and my parents and my niece will be taking turns caring for him at different times while we are gone. I’m nervous about that too! I know he is in good hands though, we’ve just had some medication problems lately and he’s been handful.

So, I’d appreciate if you keep all of us in your prayers over the weekend and first of the week! I’ll update you after I know more.