wheelchair-ramp-in-the-snowThis morning I woke up at about 6ish as I do every school morning but my cell phone was beeping with 2 messages from J. The first message said that school was on a 2 hour delay and the second message said school was totally cancelled.

When I had gone to bed last night, I knew the weather man was predicting snow but I figured it was just a conspiracy with the grocery stores to sell more milk and bread. So I went to look outside and I did see a “dusting” of white stuff. The photo on the right is of our wheelchair ramp snapped at 6ish. By 10 AM the snow was just slushy stuff and Noah never asked to go outside and attempt to play in it (it wouldn’t have been good play in snow) so I didn’t suggest it.

So, Noah ended up with a Snow Day on Inauguration Day….

Back before we even voted, I had already decided that regardless of my political views and regardless of who won the election, I would watching-inagurationwatch the Inauguration. I don’t remember watching much of an Inauguration before. I know I’ve seen clips of them on the news but never watched them live on TV as they were happening.

I explained about the Inauguration to Noah and didn’t think he’d pay any attention to it but he did. He ended up watching most of it with me. His favorite part was probably the music! But it was nice to sit and watch it with him and teach him about what was going on.

Well, the snow is all melted and there should be school tomorrow! Noah was out Friday (for a Teacher Workday) and then Monday (for MLK day) so he is anxious to get back!