The latest installment of my Project 365 Photos…….. 

Thursday January 29 (Day 29 )
I love pictures of sleeping children, especially mine!jan-291

Friday January 30 (Day 30 )
Me – Cooking dinner. I’m making one of my specialities, a recipe I invented called “Mississippi Girl Chicken Enchiladas.” (They are one of J’s favorites.) You probably can’t tell in the photo but my apron says “Domestic Diva.”


Saturday January 31 (Day 31 )
Sushi for lunch – yumo!


Sunday February 1 (Day 32 )
My Momma with her kitties


Monday February 2 (Day 33)
J’s new GPS thingie. It was an early birthday gift from my parents and came quite handy on our trip to Atlanta. I really like the restaurant finder!


Tuesday February 3 (Day 34)
We had lunch with my Bestest Bud on the way home from Atlanta.feb-3
Wednesday February 4 (Day 35)
Nothing could be finer than to be back home in South Carolina!feb-4



I’ve finally gotten a handle on my layouts and will be posting those soon. You can view all my Project 365 pics and posts here.