Last week, I wrote about a deaf contestant on The Amazing Race and now I thought I’d tell you about a visually impaired contestant on American Idol! I watched him make it into the top 36 last week and my eyes filled with tears when his mother started crying when they found out he was in!

Scott MacIntyre is legally blind but he’s also a talented musician and singer. He has two degrees of tunnel vision which according to what I read means that he basically sees through a straw. But he hasn’t let this stop him from pursuing his dreams! He began playing the piano by ear at age 3. He’s had an impressive career thus far and has now made it into the top 36!

As a big American Idol fan, I’ll probably be watching regardless. I think Scott will probably end up being one of Noah’s favorites though because he plays the piano and seems most comfortable behind the piano. Noah’s favorite contestants are always those who play an instrument (like Brooke White from last season.) We’ll be cheering on Scott as well as our other favorites in the Top 36 as they emerge.